Market Standardization

Council Regulation (EC) No 1234/2007 provides that all fruit and vegetables should comply with the general marketing standard (sound, fair and marketable quality) and indicate the country of origin.

You'll only get what you need.

We, at Crophle, are aiming to provide consumers and businesses the type of produce they need. If you don’t need class I, and can do with class II vegetables, why overspend? If you’re not satisfied with the Class I vegetables available in the market, we’ve got you covered! We can provide lots of “only” extra class vegetables to you at your doorstep!

When we deliver class II vegetables and fruits, we are also saving almost 30% food wastage. This food used to get dumped by farmers or traders before this, so this is also maximizing earnings of the producers of your meal! according to the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, we squander enough food—globally, 2.9 trillion pounds a year. That’s due to inefficient supply chains, and we aim change that! Crophle aims have highly traceable and transparent agri-value supply chains to solve the problem of world hunger!

Establishing Supply Chains that will be


The crops will be traceable from farm to fork.

consisting of Robust Logistics

Produce delivery will be extremely fast to avoid any wastage.

powered by data analytics

Regular plotting of supply and demand data of local supply chains to improve them.


Extra Class


Class I


Class II