About Us

Crophle aims to establish transparency in pricing and better value, especially for perishable products. It could also help to increase farmer incomes by at least 8 to 10 percent.

We Have One Goal

To Revolutionize the entire
agriculture Sector of the country

By collecting ample IoT data, farmers can rely on Big Data processing to better optimize their farms.

Big Data can provide more localized weather predictions, and it can be used to better gauge what type of crop yield a farmer can expect during a particular season. As algorithms grow more sophisticated and farmers collect more data, artificial intelligence will continue playing a larger role in contemporary farming practices. 

No doubt agriculture consumes two main resources: — labor and land . In the past, farmers were predicted farm soil , water to make good prediction about the crop yields . Today’s , with the help of adopting an aristocratic IoT technology , they can be predicted automatically. Farmers are able to get more and more data and also revamping more ways of disruption of farm .

Our Discovery

Agriculture as an indispensable part of the Indian economy, contributes approximately 1/6th of the GDP. It provides employment to 56 percent of the population as well. All of these facts prove that agriculture plays an extremely important part in the Indian society. However, after so much contribution by our farmers, all they face- are troubles. Out of every 100 people who commit suicide, 35 of them are farmers. These farmers choose to give up on life due to some basic problems and challenges. 

For example, 

  • Shortage of Resources like water and equipments. 
  • Less average yield unlike other countries like USA, Brazil and China, as the agriculture sector of the country lacks technical advancements like the agriculture sector of the other countries.
  • Numerous Mediators, that earn a huge chunk of money due to lack of transparency in the whole system, which isn’t convenient for the person actually doing the job. 
  • Loss in the food chain is also a big issue. More than half of the food gets wasted in the whole process of mediation.
  • Less usage, due to high prices of steady power supply, small capacity utilisation and limited financing options for the farmers. 

Our Mission

Here’s where crophle comes into picture, crophle looks for opportunities for both the parties and aims to bridge the gap between poor farmers and the opportunities that they lack. It targets to end the corrupt chain for the welfare of all. It intends to bring transparency in pricing and value which could lead to an increase of income by 8 to 10 percent for the farmers.

It will also enable the downstream players to source more effectively by eliminating the intermediaries. Digitalization and analytics through artificial intelligence can unlock huge potential in the sector with the help of crophle. Precision farming including integration field data, weather patterns and yield forecasting can aid to better production of good quality. This is how crophle will impact the agricultural sectors’ contribution to the GDP every year for the greater good. 

“Agriculture is our wisest pursuit, because it will in the end contribute most to real wealth, good morals, and happiness.”

Thomas Jefferson

3rd US President

The Founding Team


Advait Thakur

Advait Thakur is an Indian computer programmer and serial entrepreneur. He is the founder of the Indian technology company, Apex Infosys India and is currently its chief executive officer.

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Kavya Gupta

Kavya Gupta is a young agricultural sciences enthusiast and a professional Graphic Designer specializing in UI/UX design. Apart from that, he's a philanthropist aiming to improve standard of living of farmers through crophle.

anilkumar Patil

Anilkumar Patil has worked as Regional Packet Core Manager at Nokia in the past and is currently the COO & Managing Partner at Apex Infosys India.