Maximising produce


While everyone sees challenges in the agricultural sector, crophle is looking at them as opportunities for both, the farmer and crophle. Crophle aims to bridge the gap between poor farmers and the opportunities present for them in this sector.

delivering according to your need

We aim to establish an effective agricultural value supply chain for all the classes of vegetables, so that no food is wasted. The specific marketing standards classify the fruit and vegetables into three classes and the requirements for each class of the specific product is set out in the Annex to Regulation (EC) No 1580/2007.


Extra Class


Class I


Class II

tech in agriculture

Integrating Technology in daily agricultural practices

Digitisation and analytics through Artificial Intelligence(AI) can unlock huge potential in this sector, and a startup like Crophle can surely play a pivotal role in unlatching the potential. Precision farming including integrating field data, weather patterns to drive agronomic advice to farmers, and yield forecasting can increase yields considerably, impacting the agricultural sectors’ contribution to the GDP every year.

Data Analytics

Unlocking Precision Farming.

Integrating AI

Giving the best advice for the maximum produce.

100% Traceable

Increasing traceability in the supply chain.

we aim to

make the indian
agricultural sector sustainable.

Agriculture is an indispensable part of the Indian economy, contributing to one-sixth of the GDP of the nation and providing employment to 56% of the Indian workforce. Yes, that is the impact of the agricultural sector! And we’re here to maximize on that by capitalizing through the following things.